September 29, 2011


We had a fantastic time at "Rites of Passage" Burning Man 2011. The OTIC
OASIS went together as scheduled, taking 5 1/2 days overall, 2 1/2 in actual
assembly. We even coated it and added a spire. Great thanks to my co-leaders
Syn and Lightning Clearwater III with great support from Burning Man LLC,
Alex Conn and our entire build crew, mostly pictured:



Saturday, October 1 at 1:00pm - October 2 at 2:00am

LA State Historical Park
1245 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA

Created By
LA Burning Man

This is the Official Burning Man Los Angeles Decompression event. YOU are
invited to experience the art, music and culture of Burning Man with a view
of the downtown LA skyline. Immerse yourself in twelve hours of art,
performance, live music, DJs, dancing, theme camps, art cars, green
technology, puppetry, circus, fire, and 2011 imagery.

Name: 9th Annual LA Burning Man Decompression Arts and Music F...estival
Presented by: The LA League of Arts
Date: Saturday October 1st, 2011
Time: 1 PM - 2AM (yep, we got the 2AM finally)
Place: LA State Historical Park 1245 N. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


New Closing Time: So here is the dealio. We have to turn off amplified sound
at 2am, but the crowd does not have to leave the site till 3am. So you can
hang out, drum, and talk with friends till 3am at LA Decom this year. But
all Amplified Sound will turn off at 2am.

Ticket Price: $20 at the gate (no pre-sales) Creative Attire Encouraged (all
children 12 and under are free) **DPW, Rangers, and BM Crew with 2011
laminates get in free**


October 7-9, 2011


Otic Oasis San Francisco Launch Party:
Sunday June 19th from 4:00 - 8:00 pm
At BlueSky Studios
2325 3rd Street, Suite 434
San Francisco, CA 94107
(3rd St. near 20th)

Come to the Bay Area launch party for the Otic Oasis, the first installation in Burning Man’s walk-in camping area. The Otic Oasis will be an outpost that provides shade, comfort and shelter for those seeking a space free from the ubiquitous wall of sound of our growing Black Rock City where we can commune with our external, as well as internal, environments. We are building a truly incredible, 35’ tall, crystalline and honeycombed structure as a gift to our community:

Truthfully, we are also BFFed (Burning Man Funding Fatigued) but, this is not just an art installation or theme camp, it is our community defining a need and all of us contributing to make it happen!

Cover: $10 (or sliding scale)
- Experience the 1/6th scale model of the Otic Oasis, our new civic addition, transported from Los Angeles for this special gathering.
- Meet the innovative, Buckminster Fuller-like artist, Gregg Fleishman in the flesh.
- Be awed by the incredible furniture, art, and museum-quality pieces created by Gregg and offered in our silent auction.
- Take professional photos of yourself!
- Imbibe a delicious alternative to the usual unhealthy cocktail at the Raw Bar, by Scott Mahoney, where fresh fruits and vegetables are juiced on the spot and mixed with premium alcohol to form a taste sensation that has to be experienced.
- Mix, mingle, dance and celebrate Father’s Day with the Connection Crew!

Gregg Fleishman, the artist; Syn, the conceptor; Lightning Clearwater III, Alex and Trudi Forristal, the facilitators.

A fundraiser for the Otic Oasis including:
- Silent auction of hand selected art and furniture, from Gregg's ingenious "SCULPT C H A I R S" collection:

- Professional-style digital portraits using BlueSky’s LightGrid available for purchase. Directed by BlueSky’s founder, Bill Delzell, normally this opportunity would cost thousands of dollars but will only cost $50 (or sliding scale). Come play in the best natural light studio in San Francisco with the most cutting-edge equipment. The LightGrid, featured at TED 2010, is a robotically controlled, computerized studio environment that produces high quality, professional photographs and videos at the touch of a button. So take advantage of your moment in the spotlight! Wear your playa finery!

- Raw cocktails, DJs, feathers and “more”…..





















Coming in June

















Coming in June

Something New at Burning Man

Announcing the launch of the
Black Rock City Wilderness Preservation Area
and its accompanying civic sanctuary, the
o·tic [oh-tik,ot-ik] – adjective Anatomy, of or pertaining to the ear

As the Burning Man population has grown it has been virtually impossible to find a quiet space to commune with our natural environment. This year, Burning Man is creating the Black Rock City Wilderness Preservation Area (BRC WPA), a zone free of motorized vehicles and loud amplified music, by cordoning off a deep portion of the walk-in area.

To inaugurate the BRC WPA we are building the first civic sanctuary, the OTIC OASIS wilderness outpost (a 35-foot geometric cluster structure that provides shade, comfort and individualized spaces for contemplation). The OTIC OASIS is made completely of interlocking wood, hand-carted and erected without use of any motorized vehicles.


Launch Party

When and Where:
Sunday May 22nd from 4:00 - 8:00 pm
Gregg Fleishman Studio:
3850 Main Street, Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 202-6108

PDF of the invitation

Face Book link:

Art walk





BuildingsThe Car Is Going Places!

Come see Gregg Fleishman's latest vehicular creation, an all plywood car!  Freshly back from it's maiden voyage to Black Rock City, Nevada, the car is heading to Santa Monica, and the Alternative Energy and Transportation Expo ( AltCar ).  In signature Fleishman fashion, the car is made from 7 5'X10' sheets of router cut 3/4" Finland Birch plywood.  It features 650lbs of slotted, interlocking joinery.  It's got a plywood frame, plywood seats, plywood spring suspension.  The wheels are plywood.  With the exception of the motor and batteries, this is an all-organic automobile!

Friday and Saturday
October 1 & 2
10am to 5pm
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium


Car photo

Playing Games in Puzzle Houses

Downtown Culver City is once again hosting the world's premier independent gaming festival, Indiecade 2010.
In addition to a wide array of independently produced games, this year's festival will feature "The Gregg Fleishman Village", a week long installation of full size buildings from Fleishman's Shelter Systems line of Puzzle PreFabs.  Located on the parking lot just across the street from the Studio, the structures are going up on Monday, October 4th, and coming down on the 11th.  We're also going to have games here at the Studio, and at a number of other venues in downtown Culver City


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
October 8-10
Downtown Culver City

June 17, 2010 


June 25-27, 2010

LA Convention Center

Today, with the 3D virtual world so developed, it is very easy to imagine form, but still just as hard to realize it physically. The Gregg Fleishman Studio utilizes slotting, bending and interlocking sheet materials mostly with an orthogonal 3D geometry to build in a very distinct way. This has allowed rapid actualization of 3D constructions leading to surprising results. We exhibit this evolving body of work in the gallery space in Downtown Culver City as we continue development.


April 20, 2010 

April 30 - May 2, 2010
2010 LA Garden Show
Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

In conjunction with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), the Gregg Fleishman Studio is happy to announce that there will be a rare showing of one of their  full-size Puzzle Prefabs at the Los Angeles Garden show coming next week.  The structure to be shown is the DH1 from 2006, the first of the studio's full-size efforts. At 14 foot square and 196 square feet, it sits on piers 30 inches above the garden surface with two expansive entry landings. It is made entirely from Finland Birch plywood and includes only integral slotted connectors.   The design includes the ease of shipment and rapid assembly capabilities necessary for use in disaster releif efforts and advantageous in any application. It includes tiedowns for a separate rainfly with space for insulation material.  Made of high quality materials it can last forever if maintained.
Since designing the DH1 in 2006, the Studio has produced three other designs at full scale. Each of these explores other geometries and provides for a variety of methods of insulating and waterproofing which could be appropriate for various locations. These newer designs include multi-modular capability which allow them to be considered as a viable alternative to conventional construction in domestic applications. 

Assembly crew at the Arboretum 4-24-10

October 20, 2009

October 27 to November 17, 2009
Opening Reception and Lecture October 29
Sierra Nevada College, Tahoe Gallery



Counter to the increasing complexity of the modern world (in science, technology, building and architecture, communications, etc. i.e. life) is the CUBE. Some principles and products that have evolved from some four decades of study will be on display in the show CUBISM.

The objects will include prototype boxes and CUBE models, and though this study was primarily geared to the solution for the problem of housing, there resulted a variety of solutions for other products at smaller scale, such as play structures, toys, lighting fixtures, and furniture. Models at 1/6 scale of the PLAYGODA and the Rainbows End, M-11 H-1 hexagon (the full size model shown at Burning Man 2009) will be there.

The highlight of the show will be an examination of a 2/3 scale representation of a COMEBACK CUBE. Like most of this work, it is cut by a router only from sustainably harvested resin coated Finland Birch plywood with no bolts, screws or other fasteners putting it together.

Some questions to ask might be:
Is it a toy or a childs play structure?
Are there waterproofing and insulation issues?
Is it structural (able to withstand earthquakes, high winds, floods, vertical loads etc.)?
Does the visible complexity negate the value of the simplification of the production processes?
Is this a model of a building system that could be important in a global context?
What applications and opportunities are presented in work of this kind?
How do the structures comprising our built environment contribute to our cognitive, moral, and physical development?

Also on display will be some full size signature


May 22, 2009


Gregg Fleishman and Nana Tchitchoua

Opening reception: Sunday, June 14, 2009
6 pm - 9 pm

Gregg Fleishman Studio
3850 Main St
Culver City, CA, 90232
t. 310.202.6108

Gregg Fleishman and Nana Tchitchoua present new work in the exhibition Seeing-Being-Dwelling, a mixed-media exploration of the world around us, the world within us and our situation with regard to them both.

Gregg Fleishman continues to create new concepts in his signature call for environmental green architecture - devising novel puzzle like structures and constructing visionary sacred spaces. He will be presenting an ingenious new set of forms, useable as insulating elements and economical emergency shelters, and new versions of his modular Shelter Systems with an elegant aesthetic sensibility.

Nana Tchitchoua's new drawings and paintings are vibrant with life, luminous kaleidoscopes romantically intertwining humans and wildlife. Her work offers us a visual embrace on the way to an inner world, an up close and personal experience with birds and animals. Textural stencil work made from scraps comprise the graphic environments - a magical coexistence of elements.

As a continuing theme of the previous collaborative exhibitions such as "The Kindergarten for All Ages", the new works presented in Seeing-Being-Dwelling seek to navigate cultural divisions and fixed boundaries in order to discover ways of simpler and better living. This exhibition is dedicated to all the glimmers of awareness, possible solutions, and constructive approaches.

 May 23, 2008


"Comeback Cube" International debut at Dwell on Design 2008
June 5-8, 2008

Dwell on Design 2008/Dwell Outdoor
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA 90015

contact: 310.202.6108


Gregg Fleishman Studio is proud to announce the international debut of its newest modular building system, "The Comeback Cube", at the Dwell on Design 2008 conference. This latest development in a 35 year long design project of modular geometric building systems comes as something of a surprise. Architect Gregg Fleishman has in the past focused on conventionally exotic forms such as the rhombic dodecahedron to provide the geometrical basis of his designs. He has now returned to the more familiar form of the cube, finding it still rich with structural and aesthetic possibility.

The exhibition features a full size single cube module in 3/4 inch European Birch, measuring 9 ft by 9 ft by 9 ft, with 81 square feet of interior space and an 81 square foot rooftop deck. The single cube is permit exempt, making for a quick and elegant temporary structure, backyard studio, guesthouse, or children's playroom. A phenolic resin coating renders the panel surfaces waterproof. Wall edges can be oiled to allow for intermittent contact with water (such as sprinklers and drizzle) or caulked; deck joints should be caulked or treated with an elastomeric deck coating to insure impermeability. Permanent installations can be finished of like any other house, with insulation, mechanical systems, and conventional exterior treatments, like stucco. Fleishman has designed an inexpensive, expansive, and artful alternative to conventional framing.

"In architecture today, the green movement focuses mostly on the origins of material and use of energy. This work proposes that there is another way to be green in architecture, a way that focuses on process in building going beyond the factory. It is in geometry, with its repeating similar forms, and smaller similar parts that we find the advantages we are looking for. These include greater structural efficiency, manufacturing economies, easier handling, less specialized work force, and lower start up costs. What distinguishes this geometry from Fuller's is that it excludes the pentagon, instead focusing generally on the cube and the octagon, more specifically variations of a 3D checkerboard of cubes or "rhombicubes". When oriented in different ways, these cubes have provided for a veritable bouquet of new and different building types to sprout up using faceted geometrical faces that can provide a new and more natural look and feel to our buildings."

Gregg Fleishman, Humanizing the Factory Produced House

Gregg Fleishman Studio is located on the corner of Main St. and Culver Blvd. in the heart of downtown Culver City. A pioneer gallery and production space in Culver City, Gregg Fleishman Studio has been over 14 years in its current location. Frequently playing host to children and curious adults, the Studio serves the local community as an educational resource where learning and play are as integrated as form and function.


Other'Zones' II or The Kindergarten for All Ages
"The Garden & The Cube"
Gregg Fleishman, Nana Tchitchoua
and Rachel Portenstein

The opening reception : Wednesday, July 4, 2007, 7:00pm

Gregg Fleishman Studio is pleased to (re)-present Other 'Zones' II: The Garden and The Cube, 'an exhibition in progress' considering the intersection of architecture and visual arts. The Culver City based artists Gregg Fleishman, Nana Tchitchoua and Rachel Portenstein, translate their collaborative fusion into an exhibition of social/architectural experiment centered around interactive puzzle paintings, 3-dimensional scale models, a full size cube (shelter system), a play structure, labyrinth and wonderland paintings and hanging paper sculptures. The space is a fantastic environment of harmony, playfulness and thoughtful investigation into the future in a call for radical reconstruction.

Gregg Fleishman's work redefines structures in playful expressions of geometrical harmony. He constructs structural skeletons, grounded in real world conditions and meant to provoke new ways of living. These noble buildings are held together in scale and character by Fleishman's unique elaboration on joints concentrated and harmoniously fitting together. In addition to structures and models, the exhibition space is adorned with his dignified signature "SCULPT C H A I R S"
TM that have been previously exhibited worldwide and grace the collections of MOMA, the Yale University Art Galleries, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cal Arts graduate visual artist, Nana Tchitchoua explores ideas about public, private and free spaces, experimentation, and living in the most fulfilling way. The most recent intervention of collaboration features the 1st set of Puzzle paintings, which are reversible, interactive and without borders. New additions to Other 'Zones' are the labyrinth studies, collages and a set of 6 paintings executed before collaboration. Assembled on the many surfaces are a menagerie of birds and other creatures situated in dense jungles of patterns executed via collage, stencils, decoupage, and painting. They are rhythmic and autobiographical windows into 2-dimensional utopias of singular character and vast depth. Stenciled patterns introduce a readymade quality to the work, a mechanical procedure binding the organic compositions, revealing or obscuring layers under varying conditions, ensuring that discovery and wonder remain central upon repeated viewings.

Rachel Portenstein, joins Gregg and Nana in creating the Kindergarten for All Ages. Her work explores the tensions between order and chaos, rigidity and pliability, continuity and change and simultaneously brings in the harmony to its surroundings. Rachel's work evolves through the process of assembling materials that primarily lay in organic, colorful and absurd. Given the form of the aesthetic content, these creature-like paper sculptures suspended from the ceiling decorate the wonderland by their elegance and mystery.

The Garden and The Cube is not installed in a uniform manner throughout the gallery but instead is conceived as a variety of experiences. The sort of questions raised by the cross-fertilization of archi-art seeks to circumnavigate the boundaries of space and time by the creation of interdisciplinary objects that are modular, portable and transformative in their nature. The exhibition is both a social/architectural experiment and an analogy with games advocating new modes of survival and living experimentally to transform social relations by manipulating space and time. The KinderGarten for All Ages.

Work from the exhibition can be viewed online: &

Gregg Fleishman Studio
3850 Main Street Culver City Ca 90232 T.310.202.610


DaDaBeat-i Avant-Ura!

Puzzle Painting as of 5-11-07

Also See Other 'Zones' Digital Art

March 21, 2007


Other 'Zones'
March 31 ­ May 1, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 31, 7pm

Gregg Fleishman Studio with Nana Tchitchoua
3850 Main Street Culver City Ca 90232
contact: 310.202.6108



Gregg Fleishman Studio is pleased to present Other 'Zones', an exhibition considering the intersection of architecture, art and education. Featuring a collaboration with Nana Tchitchoua and a sampling of children's art, the exhibition is both a social/architectural experiment and an analogy with games advocating new modes of survival, living experimentally to transform social relations by manipulating space and time. Other 'Zones' is centered around interactive architecture and puzzle-paintings which invite public participation and reflection on the problems of time, distance, history, and the future in a call for radical reconstruction. Investigating notions such as efficiency, autonomy and community, the artists recover possibilities that wire our will with desire and construct and illuminate our goals.

Gregg Fleishman's work redefines structures in playful expressions of geometrical harmony. He constructs speculative structural skeletons, grounded in real world conditions and meant to provoke new ways of living. For Other 'Zones' Fleishman presents three-dimensional scale models and a full size structure in the gallery space, and highlighting his long term association with Play Mountain Place (the oldest "free" school west of the Mississippi) will be a display of some children's work and a Sunday 11:00 am walk through of the Play Mountain grounds. Easily assembled by hand from uniquely shaped panels of wood, using no nails or fasteners of any kind, his current designs draw on his continuing examination of building systems and evolutionary design. Through his career the scale of his vision has progressively grown to accommodate solutions from the personal to the societal, incorporating fresh ideas on space and the human condition.

To complement Fleishman's latest forms, Nana will generate an atmosphere of the fantastic manifested through a projection/performance and interactive puzzle-paintings. Her work investigates critical questions about the language of home, the architecture of migration, globalization, internationalism and exchange in burgeoning cultural environments that are undergoing significant political and economic change. In response to crises in urban development and in general issues of borders in Georgia, her native country, she explores ideas about public, private and free spaces, experimentation, and living in the most fulfilling way. Proceeds from this exhibit will benefit Dadabiti Avant-Ura! (The Laboratory of Innovative and Conceptual Forms, or the Kindergarten for all ages) which will facilitate the transportation of a full sized Shelter Structure to the Almond Gardens in Tbilissi, Georgia, where it will have a life as The Muse Fortress. With a migratory notion of what 'home' is, her work constantly evolves through the imaginative play of her everyday actions. Nana uproots the intersections of memory, translucent history and worlds between dreams and realities. Her being strives to embody the achievement of personal utopian reality.

In a rejection of static forms and uniform installations, Other 'Zones' is conceived as a variety of experiences encouraging exhibition visitors to similarly stretch their minds and participate in stimulating ideas. It is a disruption of borders and seeks to circumnavigate the boundaries of space and time by the creation of interdisciplinary objects that are modular, portable and transformative in their nature.The sort of questions raised by the cross-fertilization of archi-art should be of interest to anyone who cares about the future of culture and society. Perhaps the structures are post-utopian, not of some far off promised land but one that persists among us.

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE             Press Contact:  Sherry Apostol
May 17, 2007                                     Tel.  (310) 399-0916

Gregg Fleishman-Pioneer and Key Creative Figure of Culver City

The Gregg Fleishman Studio located on the corner of Main and Culver in the heart of downtown Culver City is a pioneer gallery in the area as well as a productive art studio that opened its door to public about 13 years ago and debatably contributed to the cultural enrichment and artistic history of Culver City.  People often wander into the gallery space wondering if the place is a museum.  And, one might call it so, perhaps 'Fleishman's Treasures in Design and Invention'  On a current visit, one would find uniquely designed furniture (chairs, tables, lamps) futuristic tricycles, as well as innovative structures, both play structures for children and architectural models for living spaces all based on principles of geometry.

Gregg Fleishman's work redefines structures in playful expressions of geometrical harmony. He constructs structural skeletons, grounded in real world conditions and meant to provoke new ways of living. These noble buildings are held together in scale and character by Fleishman's unique elaboration on joints concentrated and harmoniously fitting together. His structures start with a Rhombicube, a diamond panel form distilled out of a 3-D checkerboard of cubes which form the geometric basis for his Shelter Systems and Portable Playgrounds. Plastic Rhombicube kits (starting at $10) are available which  illustrate the beauty of geometric principles and his design philosophy.  Fleishman's aesthetic has a strong appeal to design conscious adults and children alike.

In addition to structures, the exhibition space is adorned with his dignified signature flexible SCULPT C H A I R S  made of fourteen ply European birch plywood, held in place solely by slots and notches. The chairs often have visitors to the showroom wondering if they will support their weight but then most often remarking on how comfortable they are.  Occasionally, a photo featuring seven one hundred pound sand bags sitting atop a Rock 'N' Roll chair is brought out from behind the front reception to demonstrate that it could perhaps bear the weight of even a sumo wrestler. T he SCULPT  C H A I R S range from stately to whimsical, with names such as Caterpillar or the Katerina and range from $1800 to $2800 for single seaters. There are currently has fourteen designs available in a variety of colors.   They have  been exhibited worldwide and grace the collections of MOMA,  Yale University Art Gallery, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Gregg Fleishman also has strong ties to Play Mountain Place, a local private elementary school in the very heart of the Culver City Arts District, just off of Washington near La Cienega where one might find the extension of Fleishman's museum of playground structures in their yards.  It is one of the oldest humanistic alternative schools in the US,   nurturing and educating through the joy of creativity and fun, founded in 1949 by his mother Phyllis. Gregg credits his experience in this free environment to having nurtured his creative abilities.  A native son of LA, Fleishman was born on the 4th of July and has been a resident of Culver City or adjacent to it for 48 years.  The Los Angeles Times has described Gregg Fleishman as a Design Genius.  He received his degree in architecture from USC in 1970.  Fleishman is at once an architect, designer, inventor and artist.

Open generally Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm and by appointment.

2010 Gregg Fleishman