Shelter Systems 01 (2006)

Shelter Systems 01 is the most basic of these building designs developed to utilize modularity. Modularity allows the use of similar mass produced smaller parts, improves material efficiency and simplifies the construction process. The geometry of the Shelter System is based on the 3D checkerboard modified to have alternately expanded and contracted cubes. This has introduced a 45 degree angled panel which is the "bevel" of the larger module and connects between the edges of the smaller, more solidly framed cube units. This separation of the cubes also separates the cube edges allowing the use of a patented three-way connection system. In addition, all other connections in the structure are interlocking slotted plywood. This includes the joisting of the floor and roof surfaces, the spiral stair when it occurs, the door hinges, and the stiffeners on the vertical panel surfaces.

These photographs are of a full size plywood sheet model made from 55 5' x 10' sheets of 3/4" European Birch plywood. The plywood is cut into 276 panels or parts of 28 types. This amount of material provides 370 square feet in three rooms, two 9' cubes and a larger 15' wide beveled module. The cubes have a structural floor while the beveled module is truncated at 80% and open to the ground or slab surface. As in the DH1, the plywood sheet structure provided here is intended to be adapted to the requirements of the particular site or region in which it is installed. If sprayed foam is the insulating material of choice, then thickness would be dependent on climate. Exterior membrane would be chosen for compatible durability relative to the time of use, perhaps stucco or metal skin for a permanent installation, and fabric or plastic sheeting for more transitory. A big advantage here is that the structure is multi-story capable as the enormous capacity of the Birch Plywood will support two stories without additional members or costs.

Of, course, it goes without saying that the structure also works in an island climate with only a canvas or other membrane cover, and when used inside a larger office or warehouse space it provides an elegant solution to the executive meeting room and spa.

.....................................................At the Anaheim Convention Center August 19-27th 2006 Ashley Saks
All parts are router cut exterior European Birch Plywood
19mm thick 14 ply with a 220 gram/meter surface film of phenolic resin

Allowable Stress (psi):
Extreme Fiber Stress in Bending 3,600
Compression in Plane of Panel 2,500
Rolling Shear Stress 100
Modulus of Elasticity 2,200,000

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2006 Gregg Fleishman