2004 Studio Show

These pieces are assemblies compiled from the last few of my 32 years of work in the field of geometry, structure and connections. They now explore the field of "space filling" in which nested modules (cubic truncations of the rhombic dodecahedron) pack three dimensionally. They demonstrate building solutions having global applications with modularity applicable to factory produced parts in a variety of materials .

 1. ISLAND HOME 2004
3 & 6 mm birch, .060 PVC
(1" scale model)

This is an orthogonally aligned rhombic dodecahedron (RD). Newest of the checkerboarded snap fit frames, ISLAND includes eaves which have supports for a flexible membrane exterior. It also includes the shape variations possible with this system due to the tiled surface feature (see MESSAGE). Also present is the extended base course which adapts the structure to flat ground and the center division of the wall panels allowing the 90 degree vertical corners (also see ASPIRE).

Approx. 1000 square feet actual size (2 loft spaces)

complete structural frame (all Finland birch).
waterproof exterior envelope
Not including:
slab and foundation
mechanical work
permits and fees


 2. TOKYO? 2004 (2002 "468")
(1/2" scale model)1.5 mm birch, .060 polycarbonate, bamboo

The large modules here are "Great Rhombi-cuboctahedrons". They include twelve square, eight hexagonal, and six octagonal faces.They are combined here with truncated octahedrons and cubes. The panels all have even numbered edges which allows the use of the simplest connection methodology, the alternating connector and receptor edges. Note that with a two way joint we form the exterior envelope only.

Although in plywood this system works well small, at full scale it suggests other materials. The cubes will be about eight feet across and the large modules about thirty five feet. Large diameter pipes will probably define the module edges. The building can of course be configured differently.


3. "un-titlest" 2003 1/8" Sintra, pencils

Mathematically this is a surface consolidation of a 4V icosahedron forming 12 regular pentagonal surface panels, 30 non regular hexagonal surface panels, and leaving 80 triangular open spaces. The surface panels are interconnected with 120 dowel pins or in this case golf pencils.


6. VERSAILLES? 2003 1/8" Sintra, 3 mm birch

The first snap fit "frame" space filler (actually this one is sort of a squeeze fit), VERSAILLES? copies the ATLANTIS "Pompeii's" horizontally sliding seats in the chairs formed integrally in the lower wall panels. This is a "checkerboarded rhombicube". It has 12 solid panels and 14 open spaces forming its 18 square and 8 triangular faces. The 12 panels meet corner to corner and are connected by 24 frame elements.

The full scale module uses 4'-0" square panel pieces 3/4" thick and is 12 feet across. The lower wall panels can be in a variety of colors.


2003 Gregg Fleishman