2004 Studio Show Page 2

8. MESSAGE 2003
3/8" 1/2" Finland birch

This is a modified rhombic dodecahedron. The panel proportion here is the same as the basic rhombic diamond panel shape instead of being square (as in the rhombicube) This allows a surface tiling (and surface panel consolidation) of parallel faces. There are added straight splicing frame members to make this tiling work out. Also note the interlocking ends to the frame members.



 9. Y-JOINT? 135 II 2002 (1" scale model) 1.5 mmm birch, .060" acrylic

135 defines the angle between the cube and the rhombicube. Characteristic of the Y-Joint? system, the joints feature "a slot in a tab which fits in another slot". The scale here is 1/12 actual and the panels can be cut from or built up of plywood sheets. Again to finish, one needs to cover the structure with foam insulation and then wrap with a durable membrane. Obviously assembled for dramatic effect, this assembly would need significant external structural members to acheive this form full scale. Note also that no costs are quoted here for full size structures as until such time as the panels are cast, the costs of associated conventional building materials and labor will make up a too dominant a portion of the total.


10. A STUDY 2004
Finland birch

This is just the beginning of what should become a rectangular frame. The members will get stretched further between connection points and the materials refined perhaps in steel. Geometrically it is a partially truncated rhombic dodecahedron (only the squares are cut out). Made with three joint designs on only two parts (plus the floor) it allows both two and three way combinations without additional pieces.


11. ASPIRE 2004
(2" scale model) 3 mm birch, pipes

This is an orthogonally aligned modified RD. Utilizing the interlocking frame element ends similar to those in MESSAGE, this system also includes a dashed slot which reduces distortion during assembly. Also notable is the extended base course which adapts the structure to flat ground and the center division of the wall panels allowing the 90 degree corners and consequent system verticality.

At full size the 3/4" thick Finland birch panels measure 48" x 32" and result in an eight foot module. This assembly consists of six modules totalling about 400 square feet. It is adapted for a skin of multiwall polycarbonate sheet. Note that it can be configured differently.

complete structural frame (all Finland birch).
waterproof exterior envelope
Not including:
slab and foundation
mechanical work
permits and fees



2003 Gregg Fleishman