Satellite (w/ spire) // File Download

Euro Birch plywood,      (5 sheets 3/4″ 3 sheets 1″), 8’ diameter, 14’ tall,  

This iconic structure is a freestanding version of the full-size  Otic/Temple scale pod. Geometrically a “fully truncated rhombic dodecahedron“ which includes 12 silver rhombic faces (diamond faces shaped in a ratio on 1 to the square root of two) and has dihedral angles of 120 degrees all around allowing it to be space filling. The panels are truncated portions of the rhombic faces and the connectors  cross the edges at 90 degrees. Shown here with three second level spire conditions, the drawing includes parts for the first.
The assembly is straightforward though there is a wood tool necessary for the last pod piece and some people find the node assembly difficult. Ground surface should be relatively level, and anchor points are available for high wind areas. 
The download package includes:                          Drawing images                                          Exploded  .dwg , .dxf                                          Cut List .dwg, .dxf                                                3D .dwg, .dxf 

By purchasing this file download you acknowledge that it represents certain shapes made from specific materials and intended to work in a certain way. You undertake to realize the intended form and use it in an appropriate and safe manner. You furthermore assume all risk and liability for their use and forever hold harmless the Gregg Fleishman Studio and it’s personnel from any and all claims arising from such use.

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