a glimpse into the studio

about gregg & his work

Researching methods of building geometrically since 1972 and designing furniture since 1975 Gregg Fleishman is still at work in LA. He has gone a bit underground, which started with going to Burning Man in 2007, by leaving his Downtown Culver City studio for a warehouse in Lincoln Heights in 2014, though he stayed connected to the Westside thru Play Mountain Place, a ‘free’ school his mother founded in 1949.

After gaining acceptance into the collection at MOMA New York in the early nineties, along with other museums with his furniture, he focused more on the structural work as it evolved to include 3D multi pod groupings of puzzle panel parts.

Building ‘big’ at Burning Man from 2011-2014 with three “Otic” series structures, the Man Base Pistil, and the “Temple of Whollyness” (all in partnership with Melissa (Syn) Barron and Lightning Clearwater III, #thankslarry) Fleishman integrated his frame and his panel systems and proved his point about the advantages of adding sheet material (specifically European solid birch plywood) to geodesic structures and the use of the “Lost Triangle” to facilitate building with small parts in the world of the 3D cubic checkerboard. The Temple, including a six story central space, was made with CNC cut wood parts (like all of his structures), and was assembled in fifteen days without metal fasteners of any kind. We did use 2 cranes for seven days and had a great crew.

Since then at Burning Man he has taught the “Lost Triangle” lesson including at a Guild Space at the Man Base in 2016 and built camp structures each year including a Tea Room for Camp YOUniversal and several structures at Burners Without Borders culminating with the “Advance(d) Outpost” in 2018. These structures were at an 8’ rather than a 10’ scale and are the basis for the NODE house (coming soon).

Local festivals he has participated in most include Lucidity, Disclosure Fest, and Desert Hearts. Internationally, he has worked the Otic Oasis structures into the “Solar Stage” installation at the Wonderfruit Festival 2015-2019, Thailand.

We plan to make cities. Burning Man has worked as a challenge and a testing ground for soon to be larger habitats (even with light fixtures as small “habitats for light”), and that with cars to chairs to bikes to lights … they combine to foster a re-envisioning of domestic space

Fleishman continues to evolve the lesson and the work.
Graduate of USC Architecture 1970
California Architect 13131
Worked in the commercial concrete construction industry from 1970-1988.