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All items for download only! You can make one item for each license purchased. 

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Commercial allowed
  • Derivatives allowed
  • Attribution
  • Non-transferable

Note that the download folder includes .dxf and .dwg drawing files and the purchaser needs appropriate software to open.


Although the node structures have been separated from the pod and panel structures in the portfolio section there is a lot of overlap between them. The overlap occurs because they use compatible geometry. The node connects to and fits at the intersections of struts in both a cubic or an octahedral/tetrahedral array. The pod is a “rhombic dodecahedron” which is made up of 12 diamond shaped panels where the long axis of each panel forms an octahedron. Therefore it becomes possible to build close packed arrays of the pods with the octahedral space frame providing more support. The bigger festival structure that do this are not included here because concerns about public safety necessitate my personal involvement. You will have to make me an offer I can’t refuse. The larger structures also require careful frame engineering considering unusual live loading, environmental conditions, or other special circumstances. Public safety dictates that as structures get bigger, engineering issues get more important. Geometric stability, stiffness of struts in compression or bending, ground conditions and hold down requirements are normal concerns. If the pods are used for holding people at elevated positions there are dangers of many types, vertical and lateral support, railings, access routes, and more to consider

The structures assemble (and disassemble) easily because they were designed to. The method of slotted and notched sheet material with geometry insures a lack of complexity in the process, manageably sized pieces and uniformity. The material, Euro Birch plywood generously provides strength and durability and allows for creative connectivity, no metal fasteners needed (interior accessories, surface attachment and ground connections excepted). The original puzzle is the node, but each pod and other panel structures are also puzzles and the assembly process needs to embrace that. The 3D model in the download folder can guide the way and the cut file is suited to scaling down for making an actual laser cut model which is highly recommended. 

Note: Check your plywood thicknesses carefully. The plans are drawn for nominal thicknesses. If the plywood is thicker than specified, you must change the drawings by opening up some slots. If the plywood is thinner than specified it usually works OK for structures because they lock in a geometrical manner and a loose fit enables assembly.  But exceptions are the H2(8) bubble dome and some node home cabinetry and other details where a snug fit is desired. Note that the node home drawings are new and still somewhat untested as the full size prototyping is only on it’s second model.


Note that these are intended to be portable structures. For permanent installations required standards need to be met and normal procedures should be followed.


By purchasing these file downloads you acknowledge that the drawings represent certain shapes that are made from specific materials and are intended to work in a certain way. You undertake to realize their intended form and use them in an appropriate and safe manner. You furthermore assume all risk and liability for their use and forever hold harmless the Gregg Fleishman Studio and its personnel from any and all claims arising from such use.


ACTUAL CHAIRS:  8 designs. A visit to the studio is required for the purchase of actual chairs

DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: available here, you can make one chair for each license purchased. 

3/4” European birch plywood, poly coated edges. Resin faced, various colors. The type of plywood is very important! Lower quality plywood will seriously reduce the life of the product. Note: other finishes on surfaces and edges are possible.