h2(8) Dome // File Download

Euro Birch Plywood, 4 sheets 3/4″ thick, 9′ diameter, 11′ tall

This is a 9’ diameter, spired, spherical puzzle structure, the newest version of the bubble dome system originally created at Burning Man for the Black Rock Observatory in 2014.  A level ground surface is preferred. Check your plywood thickness and adjust the slot width to perhaps .003″. Remove two horizontals to create entry (filler part included). A snug fit is important. Rapid assembly. Not really designed for climbing.  

The download package includes:

Drawing images                                                      Cut List .dwg, .dxf                                                3D .dwg, .dxf 

By purchasing this file download you acknowledge that it represents certain shapes made from specific materials and intended to work in a certain way. You undertake to realize their intended form and use them in an appropriate and safe manner. You furthermore assume all risk and liability for their use and forever hold harmless the Gregg Fleishman Studio and it’s personnel from any and all claims arising from such use.

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