Nebula III

Nebula III 2018
28w 27d 34h
The third iteration of the Nebula 1987. The hardest of the three to assemble, it will take two people at least to bend the back piece into position and engage the first slots. Very comfortable though stiffer than the earlier models because of the wider spring spacing (fewer springs).

For chairs, the terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Commercial allowed
  • No derivatives
  • Attribution

I have read the preceding license requirements and agree to abide by them as well acknowledging that I will make only as many copies of a chair as I have purchased or shall purchase more licenses equal to chairs made.

All full size chairs are made from 3/4” (19 mm) thick “Finland Birch Plywood”, “Euro Color Plywood”, Latvian Birch Plywood, Baltic Birch, or similar. Compensation needs to be made for 18 mm thickness. Bit sizes defined by inner radius. .1” 45 degree chamfer throughout (round over optional).

No warranty on customer made models. Direct purchased chairs are guaranteed unless mistreated. Indoor chairs only, keep out of the rain!

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