Node Home 21 // File Download

Euro Birch Plywood connectors, LVL struts, various surface materials.

The node home is  20% smaller than the Otic/Temple system more suited to residential applications. This system was introduced in 2018 with four festival installations. A dedicated roof structure including an overhang all around is the prime addition to the 2018 efforts and allows the node home to be a true “shelter from the storm”.

It uses an eight foot cubic grid wherein two 4′ x 8′ sheets make up a typical wall section and 11’ struts provide diagonal braces where needed.

The first prototype node home 23 is a 2 x 3 unit prototype assembled in the Studio in Lincoln Heights. This node home 21 is currently under construction in Mt. Baldy CA with a different roof system that is more suited to fewer cubes and the roof joists run parallel to the roof slope.


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