Temple of Whollyness // File Download

2013, with Melissa (Syn) Barron and Lightning Clearwater III.

Euro Birch Plywood connectors, LVL struts, Pine plywood surface panels, interior and exterior pods.

I don’t expect anyone to really build this structure, but a lot more can be done with the system. The drawings are really a “commemorative keepsake” that can show you what has been done with how much and open your eyes to the potential of the method for your own development.

The key to the assemblage is the node, an arrangement of six identical planar pieces of Euro Birch providing connection points aligned with the axes of an octahedral-tetrahedral space frame. This geometry produces octahedral pyramidal structures with only two major part types (the strut and node). 115’ square, 63’ tall, 10’-2” vertical, 14’-4” horizontal grid.     

The download package includes:                Drawing images                                                  Temple 3D drawing 
Temple Cut List                                              Temple Test Cut List 

By purchasing this file download you acknowledge that the drawings represent certain shapes that are made from specific materials and are intended to work in a certain way. You undertake to realize their intended form and use them in an appropriate and safe manner. You furthermore assume all risk and liability for their use and forever hold harmless the Gregg Fleishman Studio and it’s personnel from any and all claims arising from such use.

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